The amazing thing is, once I had set up my business I was in a position to manage my debts and then focus on finding true love. Within the calendar month time limit My Happiness Plan had more or less taken care of itself. And the moral of this story?

My Happiness Plan face heart


I visited the job centre, joined some employment agencies, bought the local paper and scoured the classifieds, but there was nothing for me. Then I had an idea: I should try working for myself. That single thought was responsible for the string of events that changed my life for ever.

My Happiness Plan face part 5

1)      Get new job

There is nothing like impending redundancy to inspire a career move. For the last three years I had been working in sales, but I hated it and needed a change. My options, however, were many and varied, and somehow I needed to narrow down my search.

My Happiness Plan face point 1

Later that night I conceded I would never find the answers at the bottom of a pint glass, so nursing a hangover next morning I decided on the following order of events:

1) Get new job

2) Manage debts

3) Try online dating

This was to become My Happiness Plan.

My Happiness Plan face 123


The first issue to tackle, was which issue to tackle first. My lack of suitable life partner, my crippling financial crisis or my need for new employment? I knew I could do with some sound advice, so I did the only thing I knew how, and went down the pub.

My Happiness Plan face q mark

“You’re always so miserable,” my flat mate moaned at me recently. She was right. I was unlucky in love, seriously in debt and almost definitely facing redundancy. No wonder depression had set in. So I set myself a challenge: I had one calendar month to completely turn my life around. My Happiness Plan face

They were discussing the concept of karma over a pint. “You must always reap what you sow,” chipped in the man propping up the bar, just as his irate wife appeared in the doorway. “You should know,” she shouted angrily, “Barbara Beckett has just told me she’s having your baby!”


** forgive me, I’m tired!

Good bad, but not evil

October 24, 2013

“What’s he like?”

“He’s gorgeous, you’ll love him.”

“What does he do for a living?”

“Oh, this and that.”

“Does he treat you well?”

“Well enough, but you know what I’m like, I always go for the bad boys.”

“How bad is bad?”

“He’s good bad, but he’s not evil.”

Shangri Las

** this one goes out to my good friend Debbie, who inspired today’s story.

The second date

October 23, 2013

They talked for hours, though it could have been days. About anything and everything. And also nothing at all. Time shifted. Time slowed. But then, time to go. Both hoping for date three, though neither daring to say so. “I really want to see you again,” she texted bravely afterwards.



A disagreement at dinner

October 22, 2013

“What do you mean you can’t eat it?” he said, looking hurt, “you always used to. It’s lovely and fresh, caught this morning they said.” She stared blankly at the tasteless aquarium he had installed proudly in the dining room, thinking it would provide a talking point at dinner parties.