The hardest word – part fourteen

September 30, 2013

Annie leapt from the sofa, eyes wild and unpredictable. “That’s why Jane had the knife,” she said, adding, “you’ll have to call the police, now you know I killed mum.” As Annie spoke she edged towards the open upstairs window. Jane smiled when her sister jumped, then left the room.

The Hardest Word

The End


2 Responses to “The hardest word – part fourteen”

  1. LindaGHill said

    Okay, I read it from start to finish – well done. But I’m still left wondering… is the hardest word so hard that no one ever said it? Because we all know what it is, according to Elton John…

    • Amanda Law said

      Good question, Linda. The title goes back to the first episode, where Jane says sorry to her twin sister while holding the knife. Presumably Jane thinks she’s about to get her revenge and apologises before doing so, but in the end Annie feels so fearful and guilty about what’s happened she takes matters into her own hands. But in fact, she was only very young when she accidentally killed their mother. So really, nobody was to blame, and the hardest word was never necessary. A sad story all in all.

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