The hardest word – part five

September 21, 2013

We should have told the girls years ago, but it was never the right time. They would be leaving for university soon and deserved to know before they went. Shock setting in, Margaret went to find a dressing for her slashed cheek. “I think we’d better sit down,” I said.

The Hardest Word


5 Responses to “The hardest word – part five”

  1. I love how the tension builds from each little piece, excited for the next one now 🙂

  2. Brieuse Bernhard Piers-Gûdmönd said

    Ahhhh! And I got out of bed early on a rainy Saturday morning to find out!!!! “The suspense is terrible. I hope it lasts.” – Oscar Wilde

  3. hadassaab said

    Reblogged this on hadassaab.

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