The hardest word

September 17, 2013

They both looked up as I appeared at the door. “You ok?” I asked instinctively, sensing the atmosphere was strained. “You tell her,” said Annie, looking guilty. “I can’t,” said Jane, getting up and leaving the room. When she returned she was carrying a knife. “Sorry, Annie,” Jane said coldly.


** I haven’t submitted a story to the WordPress writing challenge for a while, but this one I knew I could do in only fifty words. The challenge this week is to write a piece that includes some dialogue. You can read more about the challenge here.

18 Responses to “The hardest word”

  1. inkposts said

    Hmm, I know it’s meant to be fifty words but I’d like to know what happens afterwards.

    • Amanda Law said

      Shall I continue it today? I do that sometimes, still with only fifty words.

      • inkposts said

        Well another 50 wouldn’t hurt, so if you have the time then sure. I’ll be back to read whenever you put it up.

      • Amanda Law said

        That’s definitely what I’m going to do. It’ll be posted at one minute past midnight (UK time) tomorrow. Maybe I’ll carry it on beyond tomorrow too, as a mini series. I really like that idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

      • inkposts said

        Good stuff! Hope it doesn’t prevent you from putting up any other 50 word stories you might have written otherwise.

      • Amanda Law said

        Well, I still have another three and a half months of this challenge to go, so I don’t think there’s any danger of that. Sometimes the hardest part is deciding what to write, so it’s good to have some direction before I even start.

      • inkposts said

        Oh okay then. I couldn’t agree more 😀

  2. shreyapunj said

    Could you continue it?
    I loved the concept!

    • Amanda Law said

      Yes sure, I’ll do that for tomorrow’s post. Someone else has asked me to write part two as well. Thanks, it’s really nice to be asked.

      Amanda x

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