August 25, 2013

“Seven deadly sins?”

“Count them: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath and envy.”

“That’s only six.”

“The last being the worst of all: pride.”

“What’s wrong with pride?”

“Nothing, normally. But you’re so self-important you think the world revolves around you. And that makes you automatically guilty of all seven sins.”


** apparently pride is the source of all the other sins.


6 Responses to “Pride”

  1. Brieuse Bernhard Piers-Gûdmönd said

    A lovely septet of sins! What’s next? The cardinal virtues?!

    • Amanda Law said

      I must confess I had to look them up, but now I know what they are, yes, maybe I’ll have a go at writing about them. However, I already know what tomorrow’s story is going to be about, so I’ll put the virtues on hold for another day.

      Amanda x

  2. Tash... just Tash! said

    Your blog name is very clever

  3. I agree…. Pride is the worst of all sins…. Disliked in every religion ! Love your blog…I am new here actually ! Following you to stay updated ! Love xx

    • Amanda Law said

      Thanks, it’s very kind of you to let me know you like the blog. I’ll hop over to yours to have a look.

      Amanda x

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