Night of the misheard song lyrics

July 14, 2013

“All of the zombies,” I sang at the top of my voice, “are here to stay.” I’d always loved Elvis Costello and this was one of my favourites. But my boyfriend was practically hyperventilating with laughter. “It’s got nothing to do with zombies,” he managed, “it’s called Oliver’s Army!” Oh.


Night of the living dead

** here are some other often misheard song lyrics.


4 Responses to “Night of the misheard song lyrics”

  1. Lovely, made me smile.. there are a million like it and the louder and more confidently they are sung the more amusing for the smug individuals that know the correct lyric

    • Amanda Law said

      The thing is, once you know the alternative, misheard lyrics it’s practically impossible not to think of them every time you hear the song. ‘All Of The Zombies’ is definitely one of my favourites – it’s what my kids sing!

  2. Jayde-Ashe said

    That is awesome! Personally I think your version is much better 🙂 I always get annoyed when people correct me, let me sing what I wanna sing, dammit!

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