Mastering the Universe

July 3, 2013

When I joined GCHQ I was excited about working for one of the country’s main intelligence agencies. I had visions of spies, girls and glamour. But here I am, sat behind a desk, attempting to master the universe internet. Reading your emails all day isn’t exactly what I had in mind.


 he man

** fancy a job at GCHQ?



4 Responses to “Mastering the Universe”

  1. LindaGHill said

    It’s so top secret I couldn’t even figure out what GCHQ stands for after looking around their site. I think I’d take the job just for that!

    • Amanda Law said

      They’re all code breakers I think. Probably interesting work, but still just a desk job really. MI5 and MI6 is where the real spies work. In another life I’d love to be a spy!

      Amanda x

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