Ask me no questions

July 2, 2013

“Mum?” my twelve year old daughter whined in that special ’I want something’ way, “can I go on Facebook?” “No, you’re not old enough yet.” “But all my friends are on it,” she added, hoping that would change my mind. “Then they must have lied about their age.” Case closed.

Facebook like

** this is my submission for the WordPress weekly writing challenge, where we had to discuss our views on Facebook. Click here for details of the challenge.


7 Responses to “Ask me no questions”

  1. Well it was technically a discussion, though the outcome was less satisfying for someone in the ‘discussion’ and it wasn’t Mum! (I agree with Mum too)

    • Amanda Law said

      She’s now 13 and agrees it’s not cool to lie about your age, so it the ‘discussion’ was a success, thankfully.

  2. haha!

    Aw, I remember when my Mom wouldn’t let me shave my legs and all of my friends were allowed to and I went to a Catholic school and I had to wear a skirt everyday.

    Looking back on it now, I could care less, but at the time I was so upset.

    • Amanda Law said

      It’s tough being twelve, but it’s also tough being a mum. Luckily she knew I was right(!) and would never lie about her age, especially online. Hope you get to shave your legs whenever you want these days!

      Amanda x

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