This is England

June 28, 2013


“Will it rain?” I asked. “Of course, it’s Glastonbury,” retorted my daughter. “Good job I brought these then,” I announced, producing my old gardening wellies. “Mum! No-one wears plain ones,” she complained, flashing me hers. “No-one will care when they’re caked in mud,” I said smugly. And I was right.

Muddy wellies border

** Glastonbury Festival starts today.


2 Responses to “This is England”

  1. Based on a real experience? (I remember an image in your FB profile that could relate to this). You picked a very nice shot to illustrate the story too!

    • Amanda Law said

      No, the year I went to Glastonbury the weather was great, but that was a long time ago. Proof that our summer’s are much wetter now. The FB photo was at the Green Man festival in Wales a couple of years ago – much more family friendly and less corporate.And only a few spots of rain, which, considering the location, was a miracle really.

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