Long distance love

June 24, 2013

They met.

They fell in love.

But they lived 300 miles apart and faced the prospect of a long distance relationship.

Would it work? Could it work? It was worth a try.

[Fast forward 18 months…]

“Honey, I’m just going to walk the dogs.”

“Great, I’ll come too.”

It worked!


** this story is for my old friend Debbie, and my new friend Atlanta – told you I love a happy ending xx


4 Responses to “Long distance love”

  1. I wonder if they each had a dog before they got together geographically?

    • Amanda Law said

      Good question, but no, the dogs arrived as a pair from 300 miles away. All the way from the Lizard in Cornwall to old London town. Well travelled dogs!

  2. OK I was liking the way the dogs, plural were being walked, symbolising the new togetherness

    • Amanda Law said

      Yes, I like that idea too. It’s a true story though, it really did happen exactly like that. And they really are very happy, all four of them. A proper happy ending.

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