A midsummer night’s dream

June 21, 2013

I wake suddenly, covered in sweat, confused and alone. Static fills the air. The bedroom window’s wide open, curtains thrashing violently in the storm. Where’s my wife? And then I remember, she jumped. “Please don’t be dead!” I wail. “I’m fine, I just went to get a glass of water.”

Open window


2 Responses to “A midsummer night’s dream”

  1. Brilliant! Those post waking moments are the worst for discerning reality and fiction… especially if anything unusual relates to your dream…

    • Amanda Law said

      I had a dream a while ago in which I heard the piano playing downstairs. I woke up, or thought I had, and heard it again. I was absolutely terrified, but I was still dreaming. Most odd, and still makes me shake even now.

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