The nightingale floor (feudal Japan, 1543)

June 17, 2013

The mercenary shinobi already pose a great threat to my family, but a Portuguese ship bound for China has just landed accidentally on Tanegashima Island. The nightingale floor may protect against the ninja, but I fear it will be of little use against the firearms brought here from the West.

Nightingale Floor

** Before researching this story I knew nothing of the nightingale floor. If you want to know more, the Nightingale Floor Wikipedia page is here


4 Responses to “The nightingale floor (feudal Japan, 1543)”

  1. Fascinating, I’d not heard of it either. I wonder where you started the research then as something that turned up has ended up as the subject! where were you going or what was your original idea that developed into this story?

    • Amanda Law said

      It started with a conversation with my parents and brother, the night before the funeral last week. We were chatting over dinner and someone mentioned how creaky their floorboards were, so somebody else said theirs were like a nightingale floor. Never having heard of such a thing I did what I always do and researched it (I can’t resist finding out new facts and information), and that led to learning about feudal Japan. The Portuguese boat landing was a real event and they really did bring firearms with them, the likes of which had never been seen before. I hate guns!

  2. LindaGHill said

    Wow! Very cool. I think I have those upstairs in my house. 🙂

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