The global mapping of everybody

June 15, 2013


“Known as the social graph,” the CEO of a major new website explained to potential investors, “we can map worldwide relationships to analyse how people interact online.” He was, of course, hoping to use it as the basis for a business model dependent on advertising revenue which, so far, was proving elusive.

Social graph

** this was supposed to be a cynical view of the dotcom industry trying, and sometimes failing, to make money out of the poor unsuspecting consumer, though I’m not sure that really comes across.


2 Responses to “The global mapping of everybody”

    • Amanda Law said

      That’s good, thanks for that Linda. I had Twitter in mind when I wrote this – it’s a fantastic example of a hugely popular site that doesn’t appear to have any kind of business model…yet. So as far as I’m concerned, that’s a point well scored by us, the consumer.

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