Me my selfie and I

June 10, 2013

This is my first ever selfie, a photograph I took on my mobile. I hear that everyone’s doing it, famous or otherwise. I wonder if they feel ridiculous like I did, holding my phone at arm’s length so it faced me, whilst attempting a flattering pose? Self-portrait? Or just self-indulgent?

 Selfie greyscale cropped

Photograph by Amanda Law

** Maybe it’s just me, because I’m old(ish) and cynical, but for this experiment I had to keep my shades on, just to hide my embarrassment. Then I decided the picture looked better in black and white. And that’s when I realised just how easy it is to become absorbed in producing an acceptable selfie. Scary!

BBC News recently ran a story on The Rise Of The Selfie  


4 Responses to “Me my selfie and I”

  1. Acutely selfie conscious? I feel the same way. It helps to know the right side of the lens to stay on (behind it). A good fifty, I hardly noticed it was a fifty!

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