Life-changing inventions of the Roaring Twenties

June 3, 2013

Post-war technology has advanced rapidly, what with moving pictures, automobiles, aerosol cans and even a watch that can wind itself. But my absolute favourite invention has to be this crazy pink stuff that you can chew for hours and blow bubbles with. I can’t remember what they call it though.

Bubble Gum


4 Responses to “Life-changing inventions of the Roaring Twenties”

  1. Mary Law said

    Like the build up !

    • Amanda Law said

      Thanks, it was all fully researched! And the image was a real advert from the original maker of the first ever bubble gum, though I can’t be certain it’s from the 1920s – looks a bit later perhaps.

  2. That must have been such a strange experience. Great idea for a fifty too

    • Amanda Law said

      What a bizarre thing to invent – I mean, what led to the development of Bubble Gum? Anyway, this story was inspired by the current Gatsby craze. I’ve always thought the twenties sounded like a fun era, with a world of possibility before them, and some rip roaring jazz to boot!

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