A true story about friendship

May 31, 2013

A friend just told me I saved his life. “Literally?” “Literally.” “But how?” “You know that day we bumped into each other?” “You looked awful.” “I felt awful. But then you appeared, so I went home and sorted my life out.” “Really, it was that easy?” “Yes, really, that easy.”




2 Responses to “A true story about friendship”

  1. Needed careful reading to sort out who said what! First time through, I took it to mean {you looked so awful I though I’d better do something about my life before it gets that bad}. Next time through I read it properly.

    • Amanda Law said

      I knew that was a risk with this one, but I there just weren’t enough words to tell the story if I’d put in all the “he saids’ and “I askeds”. It really did happen as well.

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