A weekend without the children

May 27, 2013

“Where to then? Somewhere romantic. Paris? Or Venice?

“I was thinking somewhere a bit different. Istanbul perhaps. Or even Reykjavik.”

“Maybe we should be a bit closer to home though, what with things at work.”

“And your mother’s hip.”

“Should we just stay here then?”

“It’s probably for the best.”


2 Responses to “A weekend without the children”

  1. We usually get as far as the Koh I Noor (Indian restaurant) after that conversation

    • Amanda Law said

      Oh well, sounds exotic enough, and you can’t beat a good curry. I’ve just booked a trip to Manchester for one night in July – that’s far enough away from my kids for my liking. They’ll be with their dad of course, I’m not just leaving them home alone!

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