The Sci-Fi convention

May 16, 2013

Dressed in my Jedi Knight costume I was mobbed at the station by rival Doctor Who fans, but I broke free and escaped. “Why did the Jedi cross the road?” a Cyberman shouted. “To get to the Dark Side!” A cheap laugh, and anyway, this Jedi would never cross over.


Darth Vader

** Something like this really happened, only yesterday: Star Wars and Doctor Who fans clash at Norwich convention


10 Responses to “The Sci-Fi convention”

  1. Very newsworthy slant on the 50 mots. Love the adaptation of the chicken joke. The Jedi rule. Pity that even rival tribute fans have to end up brawling these days.

  2. lexborgia said

    Cybermen, Jedi and Doctor Who, together in a 50word story that rocks! Impressive.

    • Amanda Law said

      Thanks. But what’s even more impressive is that it was inspired by a real incident. Madness!

      Amanda x

      • lexborgia said

        I got that about the 50mots, but have no idea what it was about; don’t tell me, will Google it later; I want to surprise myself. Cheers. 50mots!!!

  3. lexborgia said

    found nothing under 50mots. What should I search for?

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