Where science and fashion collide

May 14, 2013

“Good afternoon, madam, I see you’re browsing our extensive range of luxury outer garments, is there anything I can help you with?” enquired the department store assistant politely. “Actually, young man,” replied the woman, clearly somewhat affluent judging by her attire, “I’m looking for one of those new invisibility cloaks.”



** how to make your own invisibility cloak  (and no, it’s not the Harry Potter kind!)


2 Responses to “Where science and fashion collide”

  1. Ah yes, we keep misplacing them, and those we don’t loose go out the door and not through the tills… Now I wonder why she’s shopping for an invisibility cloak? likes to display her wealth but hide the middle age spread or perhaps she needs to concele a body… though she’ll be needing an antigrav blanket to help dispose of the body of her now ex husband. nice opening plenty of places to go.

    • Amanda Law said

      I love your interpretation of my writing, it’s often so very different from my own. I had in mind an older woman who’d heard about the new scientific developments in invisibility cloaking and wrongly assumed it was a garment she could buy in the shops. But your ideas are so much more interesting. Imagine the money to be made in an item that can genuinely conceal any amount of middle age spread!

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