Emergency in space

May 12, 2013

“Mission Control, this is Commander Hadfield.” “We copy you commander, how can we assist?” “After six long months here I’m due to leave on Monday…will the ammonia leak prevent the undocking of my return capsule?” White noise crackles uncomfortably. “Commander, we’ll have to get back to you on that one.”


Photograph courtesy of NASA

** thankfully the leak on the International Space Station was fixed during yesterday’s five and a half hour emergency spacewalk and Commander Hadfield will indeed be going home on Monday, after 146 days in space. I watched some of the spacewalk live on NASA TV, and you can also view the current position of the International Space Station if you should so desire.

2 Responses to “Emergency in space”

  1. There is tumbleweed in space!

    • Amanda Law said

      So it would seem. But I wrote this before Commander Hadfield’s incredible David Bowie cover went viral, and after that there was no way he was going to abandoned up there, not once the whole planet was gazing skywards for his return.

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