Life according to J.P. Gardener

May 11, 2013

“Life is like a maze,” the aspiring author declared drunkenly to anyone who was listening. “With so many dead ends one doesn’t know which way to turn.” What J.P. Gardener also doesn’t know is that his brilliant manuscript has ‘international bestseller’ written all over it. If only he’d finish it.

Pen in water

Photograph by Ian Hayhurst


2 Responses to “Life according to J.P. Gardener”

  1. I had to read this through a couple of times to grasp it (oddly as now I’ve no idea why).. put it down to mornings! Is there a tiny bit of Amanda in that character perhaps? aspirationally at least!

    • Amanda Law said

      Yes, Ian, in terms of finding it hard to complete a writing project, there’s definitely a bit of me in there. My problem is that I have so many ideas I find it hard to stay focused. Next year, once Fifty Words is complete, I’ll choose something and stick with it. Promise.

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