The woman in the picture

May 8, 2013

Kitty stared at me with a pained expression, which could also have been confusion, but was most likely both. Never one for expressing her emotions well, her inability to tell me she loved me was just one of the reasons we were breaking up. I also hated her hair blonde.




** This picture is called Kitty, a portrait by Julian Opie, so I presume that’s her name. I saw Opie’s portrait of inventor Sir James Dyson at the National Portrait Gallery on Monday, where his highly stylised portraits of Blur can also be seen. Thanks, therefore, to one of my favourite contemporary artists for inspiring today’s Fifty Words.


2 Responses to “The woman in the picture”

  1. wraping a thought into a fifty seems to be second nature for you now! This fits in nicely with your other writing theme. Interesting portrait as well. I think thats ‘Rembrandt’ lighting too.

    • Amanda Law said

      One day I intend to go through all of the fifty words and categorise them by theme. It’ll be interesting to find out what the common ones are. Rembrandt lighting, I like that.

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