A shift in time

May 7, 2013

Pushing open the front door I find my home barely lit by candles, though mostly in darkness. It smells of burning wood and roasting meat. My children are oddly dressed in dirty medieval rags. “I had to kill the pig,” says my wife, looking away. Something very strange is happening.



Photograph by .pst

** This is my submission to the WordPress weekly writing challenge, in which you had to imagine  opening your front door to the same place but in a different time. As always, it’s difficult with only fifty words to play with, but hopefully this makes some kind of sense. More details of the challenge are here.



14 Responses to “A shift in time”

  1. Dugaldo said

    Oh how I love brevity. You took it way back on this one. Looking forward to reading more of your fifty word stories.

    • Amanda Law said

      Thank you, I’m very pleased you enjoyed it. I love the writing challenges, they’re always fun to do.

      Amanda x

  2. I could see instantly what was going on before reading the challenge brief. I like this, it has mystery and lots to feed the imagination. I think the aromas you describe are very powerful, a single word conjuring up a whole associated set of imagery. Although initially at odds with a modern experience of a darkened home it quickly transports us to a medieval hearth.

    • Amanda Law said

      Good, I’m pleased you didn’t need the challenge details to know what was happening. I enjoyed writing this one, it must have inspired me despite being just gone midnight when I posted it.

  3. Anne said

    Nice one! Very mysterious and don’t those fifty words make you want more? 🙂

    • Amanda Law said

      Thank you, glad you liked it. Better to leave them wanting more than the opposite I suppose!

      Amanda x

  4. Suzanne said

    This is really good. So much in those few words. Love all the weight in the wife’s words “I had to kill the pig” — would love to read more!

    • Amanda Law said

      Thanks, Suzanne, I’m glad you liked it. Maybe I should try writing late at night when I’m tired more often!

      Amanda x

  5. What an intriguing beginning to who knows where….

    • Amanda Law said

      Thank you, maybe I should save this one for a rainy day and develop it a little. As you say, who knows where it could lead…

      Amanda x

  6. Marie said

    Ooohh…. beautiful, simple yet complexe. Perfect ending. *love*

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