The day after Beltane, 1649

May 2, 2013

Now that yesterday’s Beltane bonfire has finally ceased to glow, we will scatter its protective ashes across the fields and hope their yield will suffice to feed the village. The celebrations were raucous as always, but tonight this Green Man will celebrate in private with his very own May Queen.

Green man

** Beltane is alive and kicking – see the slideshow on the BBC News website 


6 Responses to “The day after Beltane, 1649”

  1. This has a very different voice than most of your writing here. Is there any significance to 1649? It’s just post English civil war isn’t it?

    • Amanda Law said

      I did a bit of research about Beltane and something I read mentioned the 17th century, which is why I went for 16 something. 1649 had the right ring to it, but other than it was of no particular significance. Glad you enjoyed it, I like the ones I have to research.

      • I had fun looking for the significance if any of 1649, read some interesting stuff about a movement called ‘the levellers’ (I wonder if that is what the popgroup are named for?) anyway, they wore a sprig of rosemary to identify themselves… so they were green men as well. I guess research gives a good framework to set your story in and you can sprinkle details into the narrative to draw the reader or maintain interest (not that much in a fifty though!)

      • Amanda Law said

        Here’s what Wikipedia has to say on the matter, I reckon you’re probably right though:

        “It is unclear whether the band got its name from the democratic faction of Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army; or as a reference to ‘The Level’, an area of Brighton around a flat triangular green in the centre of hilly Brighton, where members of the band used to live, or whether, according to guitarist Simon Friend, it was chosen from a dictionary.”

  2. Band was an altogether better choice of word. ‘popgroup’ sounds like something someones gran would say

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