Great email mistakes #1

April 25, 2013

“So, at what point, Martin,” the Managing Director queried, using my name quite deliberately, “were you going to tell me?” I panicked. Was she referring to my disastrous monthly sales figures? Or the fact that I’d just accidentally emailed our entire client base my first attempt at writing erotic literature?


Erotic literature


12 Responses to “Great email mistakes #1”

  1. LindaGHill said

    Ha! How embarrassing!

  2. Urrrrgh! That’s a bad accident!

  3. ianhayhurst said

    “That you’d been headhunted by our rivals?” she continued…
    I like it, lots going on and a funny punchline

    • Amanda Law said

      Now that would be a great twist, though whether the rivals would still want him after his massive communications blunder I’m not so sure.

      • ianhayhurst said

        perhaps they’d assume a little subtle sabotage to show his new loyalty.. I guess it depends upon the quality of his erotic literature. In an even stranger twist some of their less active clients contacted them to do more business as the’d assumed amateur erotic literature a cleaver marketing ploy and appreciated the innovative attitude, convincing them to go with the firm… I’m sure first time erotic literature would be so bad it was in fact good

      • Amanda Law said

        Ha! Brilliant! You should take one of my Fifty Words and extend it one day. You could post it here as a comment, or on the facebook page.

  4. OK here you go, I was going to extend it quite a bit but chanced to do a word count at that point and it was exactly 50 so here you are:-

    “The top floor have just given me a roasting for keeping such an edgy marketing campaign to myself” she continued oblivious to the now almost deafening pounding of my heart. “Don’t worry, I took the rap for you, they couldn’t argue from an almost 30% renewed interest from dormant accounts”

    • Amanda Law said

      Fantastic, I love it. I think this would make a great project actually, collaboratively writing a story with a different contributor every day. Hmm…another blog for another day perhaps…

  5. Oh Hell I now think in 50word chunks. Here’s another:-

    “Martin, it is truly ghastly I can’t tear myself away, ‘Rod, Rod your hot rod she moaned’, where do you get your inspiration?” the MD read a line in a faux pre-orgasmic breathless voice. “That director bitch fancies her self as a bit of a dominatrix before succumbing to Rod”.

    • Amanda Law said

      Ha! Love it! It’s true, once you’re in the rhythm of writing in fifty words it becomes second nature.

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