On this day

April 24, 2013

The date is April 24th, the year 1066. A blazing comet has appeared in the sky, which is surely a bad omen for Harold and his army. Any battle with the Normans will be a bloody one, and many fear that William of Normandy could become King William of England.


Tapestry cropped


4 Responses to “On this day”

  1. Very nifty use of Halley’s comet to set up the battle of Hastings…
    One natural phenomena precedes a man made one…

    • Amanda Law said

      It’s absolutely true as well, that’s really what they thought about the comet. I think it was another six months before the battle itself, and of course, their fears became reality.

  2. ianhayhurst said

    Never considered the month of battle before… I had a visual flash of steaming breath as fighting men don their chain mail (I imaging the armour was probably leather for most folk though). Amazing how that changes your minds eye image.

    • Amanda Law said

      I think the battle actually happened in October 1066, though I’d have to check that. The comet must have freaked them all out, but they were right to be worried because, of course, the Normans did conquer England.

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