Record store day

April 19, 2013

I know they scratch easily, warp in the sun or even break in half if you’re really unlucky, but I still treasure my record collection. My wife complains, the kids don’t understand. They gather dust and rarely get played. But I will never, not ever, be parted from my vinyl.

Record Store Day cropped

** It’s Record Store Day tomorrow, Saturday April 20th. Find out how to show your support at the Record Store Day website

6 Responses to “Record store day”

  1. LindaGHill said

    Oh cool. I actually managed to convince my teenager to listen to my vinyl and he loves it. Such a difference it makes!

  2. It was never the quality (though many would argue otherwise) It was the ceremony of opening the cover, taking it carefully out the sleeve, the smell, placing it on the spindle, selecting the speed, putting a drop of fluid in the anti static plush brush thingie and carefully wiping all the dust off, lowering the needle onto the groove. and finally the anticipation before the track started. That said mine lives in the loft and if it wasn’t for the fact they might make a nice photo one day I’d get shot of them. You gave us the opportunity for a nice bit of nostalgia with that fifty Amanda.

  3. That’s cool. I can’t remember ever having a record. But I just found some cassettes at the bottom of my closet. What a flashback that was for me… But I think if I had record I would never part with them either, I think there are stores that still sell them too.

    • Amanda Law said

      Aside from the DJs who still demand vinyl because it’s better than mixing with CDs or MP3s, records have taken on a kind of retro cool of late. Actually, so have cassettes, with the recent 80s revival. So you must be WAY cool!

      Amanda x

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