Paradise lost

April 18, 2013

In the hours after the earthquake we waited impatiently for the tsunami to strike. Mass panic as entire coastal communities fled via planned evacuation routes to higher ground. But the water never came. Relieved, we made our collective way downhill, faced with assessing the damage to our cherished family homes.

palm trees cropped

Photograph by Joe Schlabotnik

3 Responses to “Paradise lost”

  1. I have to admit this one puzzles me a little, Mass panic but planned routed (not followed?), waiting (patiently , impatiently could be either!) All have explanations I can see that in a fifty you can’t cover everything. I do get the story though having lived in places subject to earthquake, and hurricane, (and tsunamis too but there hadn’t been one recently enough for people to worry about them then!). We really do have it very cosy here in the UK bar a bit for flooding and litlte snow and the odd gale.. not the extremes of some places. ‘Safe as houses’ here! houses arent so safe elsewhere.

    • Amanda Law said

      I guess I was just assuming that everywhere with a tsunami risk would have an emergency plan in place these days, though with sometimes only minutes to act panic would still ensue. Anyway, I didn’t know you’d lived elsewhere in world, where was it?

  2. You’re absolutely correct, I’m sure it would, It just sounded strange with the two feelings together with more words it would be easy to explain how no one stuck to the planned routes because of x or y, I used to live in Vanuatu 1975 to 1978/9

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