A person, a place and a thing

April 16, 2013

The usually restless boy sits now in studious silence. Homework calls. In the kitchen’s comfort, the old oak table is our desk. We like it here, we say, it smells of baking. In the boy’s hand is a pencil, sharpened to a point. He begins to write, but it breaks.

fairy cakes

Photograph by Jayneandd

**  this is my submission to this week’s WordPress writing challenge, which as the title suggests, had to be about a person, a place and a thing. As is often the case, it was difficult in only fifty words, but I tried as best I could. More details are here: Weekly Writing Challenge

4 Responses to “A person, a place and a thing”

  1. I feel I know that boy.

  2. I feel I know that boy too.. only the table’s pine and he’s chattering about everything but homework. You’ve used your fifty well Amanda, feels familiar to draw the reader in and accomplishes the task without feeling rushed.

    • Amanda Law said

      Ah, so you know the homework issue too. Fin loves school and learning, but ever since he was five he’s objected to homework. It always gets done though…just.

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