Fifty shades of blue

April 10, 2013

Azure. Turquoise. Ultramarine. Royal. Navy. Airforce. Sky. Midnight. Dark. Indigo. Medium. Electric. Light. Steel. Teal. Egyptian. Persian. Prussian. Baby. Powder. Denim. Cyan. Cobalt. Eton. Oxford. Cambridge. Cornflower. Periwinkle. Iris. True (to say that’s on thirty so far). Perhaps fifty shades was a bit ambitious, but that didn’t bother EL James.


Fifty shades of blue



5 Responses to “Fifty shades of blue”

  1. LindaGHill said

    True…but she had three books…

    • Amanda Law said

      Good point. I’m just envious of her success, that’s all. I’d never write anything like her Fifty Shades trilogy, but I’d love to write something which takes the world by storm like that. One day…

      Amanda x

  2. kirkykoo79 said

    Ummm, sapphire and duck-egg?

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