All the day you’ll have bad luck

April 3, 2013

I found an old penny lying on the pavement and crouched down to pick it up, knowing it would bring me luck. But I didn’t bargain on being knocked to the ground by a passing cyclist who lost his balance and landed on me, breaking my glasses. And my ankle.


Photograph by Ade

2 Responses to “All the day you’ll have bad luck”

  1. Lucky for the cyclist… nice soft landing. Did you know there is enough Nickel in a ‘Copper’ penny that it sticks to a magnet? Glad I didn’t discover that when I was little would have been disturbing to have magnetic copper

    • Amanda Law said

      Most disturbing, I won’t tell that to my son otherwise he won’t sleep for the next week. Mind you, he probably already knows – he seems to know most things these days. Anyway, a lighthearted story for today, after yesterday’s darker tale.

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