The way his river flows

April 2, 2013

Nick Drake’s River Man is playing on the radio when the doorbell rings. I already know who it is. Checking my hair in the mirror and noticing the grey, I resign myself to the inevitable. This is the only woman I have ever loved, though she is not my wife.

** River Man is here if you’re interested:




4 Responses to “The way his river flows”

  1. Mystery… I wonder if he has a wife or not?

    • Amanda Law said

      Good question, though in my mind he does have a wife, and that’s why he feels so guilty about loving the other woman. He’s not a bad person and he’s tried to fight his feelings all these years, but in the end he’s just too weak to resist.

      • It was less Sinister / Threatening/ Dark if he didn’t. Actually ‘resign myself to the inevitable’ although I think it’s referring to the grey made me realise the other possibility is that his ex wife is calling (with whom he’s still in love)

      • Amanda Law said

        I find it so interesting how people interpret these stories, sometimes quite differently from me. I guess ultimately it’s up to the reader though isn’t it. Thank you for telling me what you read into this one, it’s great feedback.

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