Stories inspired by song lyrics #6

March 29, 2013

“Pleased to meet you,” said the charming man, by way of introduction. He was obviously wealthy, with excellent taste. We talked at length about Christianity, Russian history and World War II before I realised he hadn’t told me his name. “You’ll have to guess,” he teased with a devilish grin.


Original image by Good-e-nuf


5 Responses to “Stories inspired by song lyrics #6”

  1. You’ve made it into an interesting tale, I had to google to work out which song was the inspiration though!

    • Amanda Law said

      It’s funny, when I write a song lyrics story it seems so obvious to me which song it’s based on, because it’s in my head when I’m writing. And then I suddenly have a moment of crisis where I think, “I wonder if anyone else will actually get this?”

    • Amanda Law said

      By the way, how did you manage to find out the song on Google? I’m curious to know what search terms you used.

  2. songs about talking with devil russian

    Wikipedia entry for ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ is the first hit
    read the entry then googled the lyrics

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