The stuff of nightmares

March 28, 2013


Having just bought Jessie’s first school shoes I’m now hurrying to leave the busy department store to pick up my older daughter from ballet. “Jessie?” I call gently. She’s probably hiding, she loves this game. “Come on, Jess, we need to go.” Nothing. Oh god. “JESSIE!” “Here I am, mummy.” 


Photograph by silverfox09




4 Responses to “The stuff of nightmares”

  1. ianhayhurst said

    Just reading that reminds me of the cold sweat moment when everything gets very ‘real’.. then the relief followed by ‘what were you doing? you know I’ve told you never…, Nicely captured moments Amanda.

  2. ianhayhurst said

    Interesting you wrote a happy ending… I bet you toyed with the alternative!

    • Amanda Law said

      Actually, no, I wrote the happy ending on purpose, because I hate the media for making us think our children go missing all the time. In fact they don’t, it’s really very rare. Thankfully.

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