Backstabbing for beginners

March 25, 2013

The food was excellent and the conversation flowed with the Champagne. Meeting one’s future in-laws for the first time is always fraught with tension, but she felt certain they liked her. “Not exactly marriage material,” announced his father afterwards, “unattractive too,” added his mother. They’d call Gerard in the morning.




8 Responses to “Backstabbing for beginners”

  1. Ah, so dissapointing when one gets those words. Lovely and inventive title, by the way.

    • Amanda Law said

      Never mind, I suspect the poor girl’s better off without Gerard anyway. Glad you liked it, and the title.

      Amanda x

  2. ianhayhurst said

    Beautifully accomplished, there’s no sense of compression here at all, every thing flows nicely to their conceited conclusion. Good one!

  3. *disappointing. I always spell this word incorrectly!

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