The banning of the apostrophe

March 24, 2013

If they banned the apostrophe this paragraph would be difficult to comprehend because you wouldnt know if the silk lingerie draped over the passenger seat of my car was my wifes or my girlfriends. Not that the information Ive just given helps much because, quite frankly, I dont know either.



** this is based on the fact that a council in Devon is considering banning apostrophes in road signs to avoid confusion, because people don’t know how to use them correctly. Waterstones (formerly Waterstone’s) the book seller has recently removed its own apostrophe for the same reason.

2 Responses to “The banning of the apostrophe”

  1. ianhayhurst said

    Detective mode.. with all those wives and girlfriends he’s quite a philanderer. The prospect of communal lingerie is probably enough to keep them all inside though so that explains why he has a car rather than a minibus.
    What a great way to deal with the topic. I’m sure stories like that would hold children’s interest (of secondary school age anyway) whilst they subliminally absorbed apostrophe training.

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