Multiple choice

March 20, 2013

My alarm has just gone off. Should I:

a) go back to sleep?

b) call in sick?

c) quit my low-paid, dead-end job?

d) do what I do every day: get up, have a shower and put on a brave face?

I already know I’ll choose d).  I always do.


Illustration by Mark Rathmell

Illustration by Mark Rathmell


** for the record, in real life I have a lovely job which I enjoy very much.


4 Responses to “Multiple choice”

  1. ianhayhurst said

    Did you find a picture and write the fifty or did you source the image afterwards? I like the inevitability and resignation in decision… and your footnote!

    • Amanda Law said

      No, the words came first, inspired by the brief feeling of regret every morning when my alarm goes off, that I haven’t had quite enough sleep (I could always do with just a little more). But yes, the footnote hopefully tells you that the feeling doesn’t last long…thankfully. How awful it would be to be the person in the story.

  2. Ashley said

    Reminded me of the graffiti which used to be on the M40 “why do I still do this everyday?”

    • Amanda Law said

      I never saw that graffiti so thanks for the photo link. I agree, the sentiment’s pretty much the same. Thanks, Ashley.

      Amanda x

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