Modern love

March 18, 2013

OMG, that is way TMI,” she typed, with a 😉

 He  sent a WEG in recognition of his devilish charm.

 “BTW, IMHO, I think UR GR8,” she confessed.

 “IRL?” he asked, adding a 😀 so she’d know he was pleased.

 She replied instantly, “yes IRL. FWIT, I think ILU.”



2 Responses to “Modern love”

  1. ianhayhurst said

    I had to look up WEG. lovely story emphasised by the language. I love the ending! I can just see the flashing prompt and that dead air.

    • Amanda Law said

      I had to look up all of the textese! I know, poor thing, the silence when someone doesn’t reply can be terrifying. This story may be written in modern text language, but the idea behind it isn’t new – how many young girls have declared their undying love only to find their fella runs a mile as a result?

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