1978 Publisher of the Year

March 17, 2013

Hi, I’m Bob Guccione, founder of international publishing phenomenon, Penthouse magazine. Sure, I wear my silk shirts unbuttoned to show off my many medallions, but c’mon, gimme a break. Fine art’s my real passion, but I had to sell an impressive collection in order to pay off my crippling debts. 




4 Responses to “1978 Publisher of the Year”

  1. ianhayhurst said

    I had no idea what to make of this, being completely ignorant about Bob Guccione.Having now read the wikipedia entry, I think I like your version better. I propose a new version of ‘Wikipedia’ [quikipedia], each entry is only allowed fifty words. Any particular event inspired the piece?

    • Amanda Law said

      I suppose it’s just a wry comment on the life of a man who used the image of women for his personal financial gain. He thought he was an art lover and that’s probably how he justified what he did, but I’m afraid I don’t buy it. And as you now know, he was eventually declared bankrupt. I love the Quikipedia idea!

      • ianhayhurst said

        Is the Warhol effect your own work? nice idea!

      • Amanda Law said

        Yes, I thought it would be a polite nod to man’s love of art. Glad you like it. Despite what I said before, I actually find the Bob Guccione story quite interesting. His fine art collection was huge and really he wanted to be a painter.

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