What am I?

March 12, 2013

The eggs of aliens poised to hatch into a million evil Earth invaders? The pollen-laden stamen of summer’s worst allergy-inducing weed. The poisonous suckers of a deadly monster of the deep? Here’s a clue: you can eat me. What do you mean you don’t want to? I’m beautiful, aren’t I?



Answer: the full-size photograph is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/imh/2275002789/

** this week’s WordPress challenge invites bloggers to write about an image cropped so much it’s practically unrecognisable. Did you guess what it was? Thanks to Ian Hayhurst for the original. Details of the challenge are here: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/weekly-writing-challenge-abstraction/


10 Responses to “What am I?”

  1. Ooh, like it. especially line two about the pollen-laden stamen. I can generate some real feeling against pollen! Good luck

    • Amanda Law said

      I’m not a hayfever sufferer myself, but both my kids are so I know just how miserable it is. Good job the photograph is of something altogether less offensive! And a very lovely photograph it is too.

  2. rarasaur said

    I admit, I had to see the full picture to see what it was… and I’m not even sure if I know now, haha! I’ve never seen cauliflower like that before! It is beautiful, though. 🙂 Loved your 50, as always!

    • Amanda Law said

      Thanks Rara. I’ve seen those cauliflowers in the shops (in the UK) but I have to admit to never having eaten one myself. They look too perfect to cook, which is probably why my friend Ian photographed his instead.

      Amanda x

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  4. Janyaa said

    Alien eggs…cauliflower…wait,there’s a difference? Good thing it’s so pretty!

    • Amanda Law said

      I agree, and as I said before, it’s far too pretty to cook. But I’m going to have to buy one now just to see if it tastes any better than normal cauliflower. Actually, here’s my chef’s tip of the day: normal cauliflower tastes much better raw, broken up small and mixed into a nice salad. It’s super crunchy too!

  5. seeker said

    Green eggs, no ham.

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