Fifty words based on an animation by another Amanda Law

March 11, 2013

As cotton wool clouds skimmed a searing summer sky, gaps in between revealed the brilliant midday sun. Momentarily blinded, three sided shapes filled my dazzled mind. Chaotic coloured triangles scrolling through neon hues, twisting and growing in size with my eyes still closed. Then I blinked, and they were gone.

** with huge thanks to the other Amanda Law who inspired this Fifty Words:


4 Responses to “Fifty words based on an animation by another Amanda Law”

  1. A vivid picture of a moment. It’s funny how that sort of writing expands out from what you have described, less than a second in time but I have a whole picture of a summers day, lying on a hillside, looking at the sky. The fifty word compression unpacks to so much more.

    • Amanda Law said

      Thank you, I’m pleased it had that effect. The animation’s sweet too, isn’t it. Wonder how long it took? Ages I’d imagine. I’ve just emailed the other Amanda Law with a link to this post – wonder if she’ll reply? I love proper stop motion animation.

  2. *Intended just forgot… The com
    ment was only about the writing

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