The laughing policeman

March 8, 2013

“That’s hilarious!” he spluttered, gasping desperately for air. I stared, deadpan, then stated furiously, “it’s. Not. Funny.” The thieves had stolen all of my clothes, leaving only a fancy dress costume for me to wear to the police station, explaining why I was stood there resembling a giant hot dog.



3 Responses to “The laughing policeman”

  1. I have to wonder if the thieves brought the costume with them or if the victim was the sort of person she has a hot dog fancy dress costume just lying about (as you do?). It could be the opening for a very strange story, the type that opens in the middle and progresses but tantalisingly back fills the events that lead to that point. I like it… Who knows what goes on in you head Amanda… we’re starting to discover it though!

    • Amanda Law said

      Ha! That’s definitely become a concern of mine as time goes on, I’m aware that I’m giving a daily glimpse inside my head which sometimes surprises even me. And yes, I agree, did the thieves leave the costume or did s/he already have it? I like the uncertainty of that. Good idea re. back filling the story, I’d like to try that.

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