Cat’s eyes

March 7, 2013

I share my warm, dry shelter with an assortment of two-legged, no-tail creatures who give me food and sometimes stroke me too. This makes me feel happy. But the two-legs spend much time sitting near a moving coloured picture and rarely communicate with each other. That makes me feel unhappy.



4 Responses to “Cat’s eyes”

  1. Sometimes they stare into a little lit-up slate in their hand or talk to it secretly by their ear. They must be very lonely.

    I wondered what the title had to do with the story for a minute… I was being dense. Well Done Amanda.

    • Amanda Law said

      Again, as you’ve pointed out, there’s lots more to be written on this theme. Maybe I’ll have to extend the challenge to One Hundred Words a Day. Then again, maybe not!

  2. ianhayhurst said

    Oops I hope you weren’t offended I have actually extended you story with my comment [sorry]. good idea for a bit of fun though community writing in 50 word packets might work… then again might be dismal.

    • Amanda Law said

      No, of course not, I wasn’t the slightest bit offended. I thought your ideas were spot on, exactly the kind of thing I was thinking. I also love the idea of collaborative writing – maybe that’s a rainy day idea for the Fifty Words Facebook page. I’ve done collaborative story writing with small children and we always have great fun pooling everyone’s ideas.

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