February 26, 2013

…Reports from London confirm ninety-three additional fatalities in what is week six of the international bandwidth riots. The riots spread to all major cities after world leaders suspended public internet access amid global terrorism fears. Stock market trade ceased immediately, as did almost every other aspect of life in 2038.


** as usual on a Tuesday, this is my effort for the WordPress weekly writing challenge. This time the task was to write about a dystopian future. Details of the challenge are here:

7 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS…”

  1. Chillingly close to reality… and I bet we see it before 2038! good luck!

  2. Internet is up there with gas and water and electricity now. I saw some victims of flooding last year being interviewed and one said “We’ve had no internet for 24hours”. Ok riots a bit far fetched but just look how grumpy people get on flights when the entertainment system is down. (I take a book a real papery one)

    • Amanda Law said

      Did you see Channel 4’s Utopia which finished last week? Could be a bit like that. I also prefer the papery version.

      • taped it! (now there’s an anachronism.. there’s no good verb for recorded with PVR so us oldies press gang tape.. doubt the new year1s would actually know what a tape is) not sure when I’ll watch it, recommended?

  3. Amanda Law said

    Yes, highly recommended. Best thing on TV for ages.

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