The dark side

February 22, 2013

“Diary entry: 22nd February 2024. It is Friday. The onboard computer said so when it woke me up. The computer does everything here. It even feeds me. Apparently, in space, no-one can hear you scream. I wonder if the computer heard me screaming yesterday? I think I am going mad.”


2 Responses to “The dark side”

  1. Great scene setting.I can hear the narrator, comfortable an complacent to begin, voice cracking to a slight falsetto with vibes of unhinged at the end. Lots to think about, where are they going to, 11 years into our future.
    Reminds me of this (towards the end of the trailer when wh’e obviously alone with juts the robots).

    • Amanda Law said

      Excellent, I’ve never seen Silent Running but I love the trailer. I had lots of different films in mind when I wrote this Fifty Words – Alien obviously, and Space Odyssey, but also Moon, directed by David Bowie’s son, which I saw recently.

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