Lazy dogs

February 9, 2013

The young vixen glanced nervously over her shoulder. Had she fled fast enough to outrun the hounds? Then, in the distance, horns sounded and hooves thundered. No time to stand and watch, I must be off. And with that, the quick brown fox jumped over the fence and was gone.

** Photograph by Ian Hayhurst. Thanks again!




3 Responses to “Lazy dogs”

  1. ianhayhurst said

    Love the ending reference to the well known phrase!

      • Amanda Law said

        Glad you spotted that – it’s an old typing test isn’t it, because it uses every letter of the alphabet. The photo’s stunning by the way, a great source of inspiration too. That’s the hardest part of writing a story every day, knowing what to write about. So, thanks again Ian.

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